Slot Designer has been an integral part of our product development since Amerson was founded. It is the ultimate software tool that is the most accurate, completely formative game design program that is paramount to our complex designs of slot games.

It enables designers to create any level of complex game concepts, importantly analyses the designs mathematics, whilst giving all team members a playable game to examine and work from. Additionally, it is so user friendly that we utilise it as our teaching tool to assist our organisation in the induction process of new game design team members.

Slot Designer offers reliable, ongoing support which is extremely important; the level of care that you, as a customer are given is second to none. Furthermore, it does not matter how small or large the query is, there is always assistance on hand to support your team. I highly recommend anyone in our slot design industry to use this immeasurable tool. Your game design will be accurate and perform better, whilst reducing your development time and costs significantly.

- Linda Coorey, Director, Amerson Global Gaming

Slot designer has been an invaluable tool to Hungrybear for the past 3 years, and I’ve also used it for many years prior to that in other ventures. Not only does the current software help my product team develop the right mechanics and features for a game, Robert and his team have always managed to accommodate us with new features and mechanics that aren’t available on the tool. This is a must have tool for any supply side business that wants to develop slots in this industry!

- Justin Chamberlain, CEO Founder, HungryBear Gaming

We needed a prototyping tool flexible enough to handle innovative new math models fast and efficiently. Something that delivered the correct math, integrated game graphics, and made it easier to compile than the Excel spread sheets we were currently using.

- Peter Causley, Managing Director, Lightning Box Games

Having been a maths based game designer for over 17 years, I have seen and used many game design tools. Since introducing Slot Designer into Lightning Box Games, I have to say, we could not look back.

- David Little, Games Director, Lightning Box Games

We tried Slot Designer after hearing about it from other mathematicians in the industry. And we’re glad we did. The advantage it offered was clear from the very first time we used it. Today we continue using it on a daily basis and it helps us build better games and increase efficiency.

I would recommend all slot mathematicians to give it a try.

- Asael Israeli, Senior Mathematician, Playtika

While browsing online for interesting and new applications to be used with online gaming, we came across Slot Designer. Although we were not looking to replace our existing tool, Robert assured us that Slot Designer will not only benefit our product but will also make new game math models that much easier.

We took a chance based on the recommendations and have to admit that we are most satisfied with the product. It is fun and easy to use. The support we received from Robert was outstanding and we thank him very much for this. We are currently using the tool to build our new games and will continue to use it going forward.

- Guy Ezra, CEO and Co-founder, Luck Genome

Recommending Slot Designer to others is easy because the software is brilliantly designed and executed. The downside to recommending it is that others discover just how useful it is, then we lose a competitive advantage.

The true power of the product is revealed a little more each time we use it. It’s not just the easy interface. In depth reporting is a critical part of designing games, and Slot Designer offers lavish reporting options which make using spreadsheets for game design seem tired and anachronistic.

The built in game simulator transcends any other offering. Best of all, the folks making Slot Designer are cheerfully helpful at a moments notice.

- Pokie Magic games design team / 616 Digital LLC

We started using Slot Designer 4 months ago and have just scratched the surface of its capabilities, but it has already saved us a lot of time by allowing us to check game returns and outcome distributions practically instantly in most of the cases. Now, there is much less need to program our own tool for some new features to get outcome distributions and to invent how to calculate return for these features in Excel. Slot Designer is also great fun to use and the more I use it the more fun it is.

- Efim Podvoiski, Game Math Developer, JVL Labs

Slot Designer is a great tool for tuning the maths but it’s also very useful for previewing and adjusting the graphical look and feel when the machine is still in prototype phase. I could not imagine developing another slot machine without Slot Designer.

- Markus Weichselbaum, CEO, Tap Slots

In my 32 years developing games professionally, I’ve always valued good development tools very highly. When I built the first slot games at Multimedia Games in 1999, we had to code all our tools from scratch. At my current job at Koolbit, I’ve had to develop the math for 15 slot machines for 1Up Casino on a very aggressive schedule, while doing my best to deliver top quality games with appropriate RTP and hit rates. I never could have gotten the job done without Slot Designer! If I’d had to build my own tool, it would have done a lot less and been slower and harder to use as well. Having a quality professional tool to use saved me a lot of time and improved our product quality.

I also had to tweak some spreadsheet-based designs from earlier products. Slot Designer lets you iterate on new designs faster than a spreadsheet, try out a wider range of possibilities, and gives you a lot more information and statistics to evaluate your work in progress. It’s clearly made by someone who knows the ins and outs of slot development, and thus what nice touches would be most helpful. From a variety of ways to tweak reel layouts, to a “play” mode you can drag art into to make a quick prototype, it makes for a tool that’s truly a joy to work with. I can’t imagine anyone in this field choosing not to use it, unless they simply just didn’t know it exists.

- Dr Cat, VP Game Design, Koolbit

I’ve been using Slot Designer for some years to design slot games, including analysis/verification of the mathematics and game play. As the designer of some of the most successful games in Australia, Asia Pacific, and North America over the last 15 years, game performance is of the utmost importance. Slot Designer allows me to quickly and easily design games, and optimise their performance.

Since starting my consulting business I also utilize Slot Designer to help my clients and provide them with detailed statistical reports and playable prototypes, all prior to starting production.

Slot Designer is by far the best tool in the industry (and I’ve seen quite a few over the years, including my own) and is an essential tool for any slot game designer.

- Edgar Pau, Slot Game Designer/Mathematician/Consultant

The days are gone when we were using Excel to do the math for our games.

Slot Designer is really the “tool of choice” to model games in an extremely short time. Prototypes for the games are done quickly and are a great help when we review the games. We get an immediate “feeling” of the games prior to any coding.

Although it was very easy to step into Slot Designer (laying out the rules and designing a game with it is very intuitive), any arising questions were answered immediately. Slot Designer is now a key asset for our company!

- Manfred Schimpf, Game Designer/Project Manager, TAB Austria

I use Slot Designer extensively, for demos, analysis, and most crucially: fast and independent verification of our Excel spread sheets. Providing a high quality fully featured and immediately playable demo for a new game in an hour or two is incredibly powerful for our company. We’ve been able to reduce development time while making better games. The support has been better than any other software package I have ever used.

- Bob Brown, Senior Analyst - Math, Eclipse Gaming Systems

My team and I have nearly 75 years of collective experience in the gaming industry working for some of the largest gaming manufacturers and online gaming companies. Over the years, we have developed numerous successful games and have come across various math tools. In my opinion, Slot Designer’s capabilities and benefits are unmatched by any other tool that I have seen. It not only increases efficiency in game production, but also helps in development of new and unique ideas.

Slot Designer software has allowed my company to create games at a rapid pace, increasing efficiency and saving us considerable amounts of both money and time. With this software we are able to create math models, build playable games and fine tune the overall game without needing any programming resources. Even more impressive is the support we received from the Game Design Automation. They keep track of the latest trends in the industry and provide software updates on a regular basis to keep the software current. With the competition in the slot industry at its peak, this tool provides us with a significant competitive advantage.

- Shridhar Joshi, CEO, 2 By 2 Gaming

As someone who is always experimenting with new ideas Slot Designer is an incredibly useful tool, enabling me to bring an idea to life in a matter of hours to see if it works. Being able to tweak and refine a game profile on the fly not only allows me to bypass much of the lengthy trial and error process that often occurs towards the end of development, but also alleviates the uncertainty associated with new and more adventurous or risky design concepts. I can have confidence in the ones that I do decide to pursue.

- Steve Perry, Games Design Statistician, Astra Games Ltd

Slot Designer is an excellent tool that enables me to quickly and easily build games. The play mode together with the great overview of key parameters makes tweaking very easy. The publish function allows me to quickly communicate a playable version of the game to anyone in my organisation. All in all a highly recommended tool.

- Andreas Bexelius, Lead Gaming Mathematician, Net Entertainment

Slot Designer simplifies the process of bringing concepts to life. Being able to rapidly playtest models, I can compare the feel of the game with its visual and mathematical characteristics – This has resulted in a substantial reduction in the amount of time and cost spent tweaking models further along in the development process. Support has been outstanding. Easily the best design tool I’ve used in 12 years.

- Alan Maisonet, Product Manager/Game Designer, Chartwell Technology

The ease of mathematical modelling, and the speed at which analysis is done, saves us weeks per game in development time. No more programming of bespoke tools, rather we invest more time ensuring our games perform to the highest levels.

Slot Designer has to be the best game design and development aid I’ve ever seen.

- Ed Byard, Betdigital Ltd

Slot Designer has filled the empty gap of designing Advanced Features into our Games. We can now model our new ideas programmatically which makes the game flow much easier and fun! Statistical analysis of our games have helped to improve our game play and player retention patterns. The fact that each game modeled can be deployed and tested with one click, makes our testing procedure faster and more efficient to implement fixes rapidly. Various methods of testing RNG rounds are offered in Slot Designer and they all serve their own purpose.

From a programmer point of view, Slot Designer allows us to model all our games for the use of training new staff who join our games development team. The support we receive on Slot Designer is out of this world. Not only speed wise, but also in deep technical discussion, dedicated conference calls, rapid email responses and one on one troubleshooting. Ever since we use Slot Designer, we can easily work with 3rd Party Game modeling companies to add the final spark to the game, by adding the professional experience of game play.

- Dino Pastos, Operations Manager, 36Gaming Ltd

Slot designer is a fantastic tool which I have benefited from in many ways. Its many different analytical tools help provide new insight into our existing suite of games and better understanding of game performance. The efficiency and simplicity of the language mean that we can quickly build a first draft of a game, make amendments and re-evaluate effortlessly. All in all Slot Designer has proved a very useful tool by saving us lots of time on expectation tests with its instant evaluations, and opening up a new way of interpreting and appreciating games.

- Marlon Dublin, Gaming Maths Analyst, Gamesys Limited

Since starting to use Slot Designer I’ve been able to create more games, more quickly, than ever before. And they’re better too.

It has become a vital asset as it has allowed us to review and make quick changes to the direction of some of my games well before they would have caused extensive rework by other departments. It has allowed me to pitch concepts without draining resources from other departments.  It allows better, and far quicker, testing of game mathematics without the time consuming need of creating C++ programs.

Slot Designer has assumed a critical role that would have previously been filled with additional staff, effectively saving my company substantial money. The support we’ve received has been tremendous. It’s an essential tool and great value. 

- Peter Stathis, Mathematician/Games Designer, NextGen Gaming

Slot Designer complements and integrates with the mathematical tools I use daily, allowing me to verify the most complex games. In addition, it allows me to feel, see and mould the games during the earliest stages of development. Slot Designer really is an amazing program.

- Darryl Manning, Game Designer/Mathematician, True Blue Gaming

The more we work with your software, the more we are amazed and impressed by the capabilities you have built in. Not only is this an excellent testing program for slot machine game math models, but it’s also fantastic for demo’s and presentations! Game Design Automation is an extremely professional organization whose software has allowed us to increase our productivity and assist in designing innovative games.

- Jason Stage, Managing Director/Owner, Games4You, LLC

We provide game consultancy services to other gaming companies, and we can take games in Slot Designer format, adjust the mathematics, improve the performance, and send them back within a day. We couldn’t do that without Slot Designer, it would take weeks.

- Ed Byard, Chief Technology Officer, Betdigital Ltd

We’ve worked with Betdigital who also use Slot Designer to improve existing games, and for example, they managed to take one of our low performance games and literally make it one of our highest performance games overnight. That wouldn’t have been possible without Slot Designer.

- Dino Pastos, Operations Manager, 36Gaming Ltd